Roland TR-8-S Library Sample Kits WAV FORMAT

by admin in on November 22, 2023

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Roland TR-8-S Library Sample Kits WAV FORMAT

by admin in on November 22, 2023

Dive into the world of iconic drum sounds with our “AUTHENTIC ROLAND AIRA TR-8-S SAMPLE PACK” Audio Download. This comprehensive collection offers the full range of factory kits from the Roland TR-8-S, blending the legendary TR-808 and TR-909 sounds with modern features and functionality.

Experience the Evolution of Drum Sounds

  • Legendary TR-808 and TR-909: The pack includes classic sounds from these iconic drum machines that have shaped the music industry. From rap and house to techno and trance, these sounds have been pivotal in defining entire musical genres.
  • Modern Synth and Bass Sounds: Alongside the classic 808 and 909 sounds, this pack features updated synth and bass sounds, providing a wide array of options for contemporary music production.

Ready for Modern Music Production

  • Plug and Play Convenience: With our sample pack, there’s no need to own a physical TR-8-S or delve into complex configurations. Import the WAV samples directly into your DAW and start creating.
  • High-Quality Samples: All samples are recorded at 24Bit – 44.1Khz, ensuring the highest quality for your tracks.

Wide Compatibility and Versatility

  • 124 Diverse Kits: This expansive collection offers a vast range of sounds to choose from, catering to various musical styles and production needs.
  • DAW Compatibility: The samples are compatible with major DAWs like Cubase, Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton, and more, making them versatile for different production setups.

Product Features:

  • Full range of factory kits from the Roland TR-8-S
  • Includes classic 808, 909, and modern synth and bass sounds
  • 124 kits with high-quality 24Bit – 44.1Khz recordings
  • Compatible with major samplers, drum machines, and DAWs
  • Ideal for electronic, hip hop, and other music genres

Our “AUTHENTIC ROLAND AIRA TR-8-S SAMPLE PACK” is a must-have for music producers looking to infuse their tracks with the legendary sounds of Roland’s iconic drum machines, combined with modern versatility. Download now and elevate your music production to new heights!

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