Roland Boutique TR808

by admin in on November 17, 2023

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Roland Boutique TR808

by admin in on November 17, 2023

The Roland TR-08 Boutique Rhythm Composer, released by Roland in 2017, represents a modern incarnation of the classic TR-808 sound. This device encapsulates the essence of the TR-808, offering its iconic sounds in a contemporary format.

In our sample pack, we have carefully recorded the original sounds from a brand-new Roland TR-08, maintaining its original factory settings. The recordings are provided in high-quality 24bit 44.1khz .wav format, ensuring that the samples authentically replicate the sound and character of the Boutique TR-08.

With this sample pack, there’s no longer a need to purchase the Boutique TR08 unit if you’re seeking its unique sounds. Our pack allows you to easily load these renowned sounds into your preferred DAW or sampler. This approach is cost-effective and convenient, sparing you the expense and effort of acquiring and recording a Roland TR 808 unit.

The sample pack includes:

  • The Roland Boutique TR-08 Sample Pack.
  • High-quality samples in 24 Bit 44.1khz .wav format.

This pack is an essential tool for producers and musicians who desire the classic TR-08 sounds without the need for the physical hardware. It’s ideal for creating diverse beats and tracks across various music genres, putting the legendary sounds of the TR-08 right at your fingertips.

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