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Thank you for your CD purchase of our product. We all know that CDs can go missing or get scratched, but no problem! we’re your ticket to the digital world!. But hurry though, You’ve only 1 month from your marketplace purchase to redeem.

Here you will find instructions on how to redeem the digital version of your CD(s).

  • Step 1: Search for your item name using the search bar above or click here to view all products. If you purchased a Mega bundle search for it instead.
  • Step 2: Select the “320 MP3 Version” on the item page and select purchase. If you purchased multiple items through a market place. Repeat Step 1 until all items are in your cart.
  • Step 3: Proceed to checkout. You can do this by selecting the checkout button or the checkout symbol at the top of the website. This will be indicated by a red dot.
  • Step 4: Complete required checkout details. Payment details are not required. In the discount section, enter your POSTCODE from the address we sent your physical order WITH NO SPACES
  • If your postcode is SH2 5YA enter this in the discount code section at checkout.

  • Enter your postcode exactly how it appears on your ebay or amazon marketplace order but with NO SPACES

Example SH25YA – Correct
Example SH2 5YA – Incorrect
  • Step 5: Download your items. You will be provided with a link upon checkout. You will also be emailed a link to download to your email address.


– The Get Audio Team

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