About the Download

The TR-505 was one of earlier drum machines produced by Roland so if you are looking for a retro vibe for your productions then this sample pack covers it.

In this sample CD sound library, we have included the FULL available 16 factory one shot sounds produced from our Roland TR-505. No messing about with having to own a TR-505 or configuring one to use and record in your DAW. With this sample pack, you can import the wav samples straight to your Daw. These include the classic 505 kick and clap sounds using our own signal flow. Say goodbye to tinkering, This is a must-have to produce modern plug and play electronic & hip hop tracks or tracks that require a vintage sound.

All samples have been recorded at 24Bit – 44.1Khz

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Consisting of 16 one-shot .wav sounds produced at a high-end recording suite to give you maximum quality. Low-End Drums Toms, Crisp Percussion and Cracking Hi-Hats!

The sample kits can be loaded into Samplers, Drum machines, Cubase, Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton or any other DAW that can play .wav format.