Royalty Free Christmas Music

by admin in on November 18, 2023

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Royalty Free Christmas Music

by admin in on November 18, 2023

Tired of paying PPL/PRS fees for playing background music in your business? Our high-quality Christmas Music album offers a hassle-free solution. Celebrate the festive season with our latest royalty-free Christmas album, completely free from PPL and PRS licensing requirements. This means you can play this music in your business without worrying about complex and costly licensing fees.

Our license simplifies the process, covering all business types and sizes for the music included in this collection, and all at a very affordable price. We’re proud to present 12 beautifully produced seasonal Christmas tracks in a traditional classical style. These instrumental songs are perfect for creating a festive atmosphere in your business, appealing to customers of all ages.

In the UK, small businesses with up to 10 employees often face PPL/PRS fees of at least £600 annually, which can escalate to much higher amounts. This includes a wide range of public spaces such as shops, offices, hairdressers, cinemas, hotels, restaurants, pubs, sports grounds, gyms, social clubs, and more.

With our completely royalty-free Christmas music collection, you can save on these expenses. We also provide the necessary documentation to verify this, ensuring your business is fully covered without any additional licensing requirements.

Music plays a crucial role in brand identity and customer experience, often overlooked compared to visual elements. According to Brand Channel, 96% of brands that use season-appropriate music are more likely to be remembered by consumers. Music has been shown to significantly impact a business’s performance, with research indicating that background music can enhance customer mood and atmosphere.

Customers often respond positively to music they enjoy, with 81% saying it lifts their mood and 71% feeling it creates a better atmosphere. This positive response can translate into increased sales, with customers 24% more likely to make a purchase or spend more when they enjoy the music.

Music is a powerful tool in business strategy, resonating with customers’ values, tastes, and aspirations. A study by Music Works found that 31% of consumers would return to a business with the right music, and 21% would recommend it, highlighting the influence of music on repeat business.

Our Christmas music collection is not just a series of tracks; it’s a strategic addition to your business environment, designed to enhance customer satisfaction and potentially increase sales during the festive season.

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