About the Download

Transform your surroundings into an oasis of beautiful relaxing sounds with our Native American Flute Music. The run time of this download is 1 hour. This continuous and evolving soundtrack is very peaceful and soothing. Featuring haunting and yet tranquil sounds of the native american flute. The music was designed and produced to inspire you to feel like you are far away in a beautiful and mysterious land.

This is a great cd to listen to at home, during meditation, yoga sessions, having glass of wine and relaxing or even going to sleep.

This product is IDEAL for Massage, Reiki, Reflexology, Acupuncture, Meditation professionals and businesses can use it for their practice or as background music for their customers.

One study surveyed the physiological effects of playing Native American flutes found a significant positive effect on heart rate variability, a metric that is indicative of resilience to stress.


What best about this item for businesses is: With our download, it is completely PPL AND PRS Licence Free! You do not need to pay any PPL / PRS or performance fees with our music cd. If requested we can provide you with the necessary paper work so that you can verify. No further music licence is required from any 3rd party as we are the original rights holder. Note: There are No resell rights with this download. You cannot make copies of this download for resale on its own. You can use our product in your place of business or background music for with No PPL OR PRS Fees!

Run Time: 60min