Guided Meditation MEGA BUNDLE – 12 Meditations, Sleep, Stress, Astral Travel and More

by admin in on November 23, 2023

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Guided Meditation MEGA BUNDLE – 12 Meditations, Sleep, Stress, Astral Travel and More

by admin in on November 23, 2023

Embark on a journey of mental wellness and self-improvement with our “Complete Guided Meditation Audio Collection”. This comprehensive digital bundle features 12 expertly crafted meditation sessions, each tailored to address specific aspects of relaxation, stress relief, sleep aid, smoking cessation, and more.

Diverse Range for Holistic Well-being
Our collection offers a variety of guided meditation sessions, each led by experienced mindfulness instructors and accompanied by soothing ambient music for a deeply immersive experience. This collection is designed to cater to a wide range of mental wellness needs and personal improvement goals.

What’s Included in the Collection:

  • Relaxation & Stress Relief Meditation: A 30-minute session to ease muscle tension and stress, guided by a calming female voice with a UK accent.
  • Tinnitus Relief & Relaxation: Techniques and calming sounds aimed at alleviating tinnitus, along with a white noise track for sound therapy.
  • Stress & Anxiety Relief + Relaxation Bonus Track: A 22-minute session to combat stress, with a choice of UK or USA accent.
  • Stop Smoking Guided Meditation: Specialized meditation techniques to help reduce smoking cravings and promote a healthier lifestyle.
  • Deep & Natural Sleep + Waterfall Relaxation Track: Techniques to aid sleep and improve overall mental health and stress management.
  • Dealing with Grief Guided Meditation: Offers strength and solace for those coping with grief, regardless of when the loss occurred.
  • Guided Meditation for Busy Mums + Relaxation and Gratitude: Tailored stress management and relaxation techniques for busy mothers.
  • Another Deep & Natural Sleep Guided Meditation: A focused session for fostering peaceful and restful sleep.
  • Daily Goal Setting Guided Meditation: Enhances focus and productivity by setting daily intentions and managing tasks.
  • Relaxation Session for Stress Relief & Sleep Aid: A 20-minute session promoting full body and mind relaxation.
  • Stress & Anxiety Relief Guided Meditation: A guided beach visualization for stress relief and positivity.
  • Additional Guided Meditation for Stress & Anxiety Relief: Another unique session to enhance your mental wellness journey.

Seamlessly Integrate into Your Routine
Each audio session in this collection can be effortlessly incorporated into your daily life, offering a convenient way to prioritize your mental health and personal development.

Product Features:

  • 12 guided meditation sessions for various needs
  • Professionally produced with ambient background music
  • Digital format for easy access
  • Suitable for beginners and experienced meditators alike

Order your “Complete Guided Meditation Audio Collection” today and take the first step towards a more peaceful, healthy, and balanced life.

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