About the Download

Are you fed up paying PPL / PRS fees just for playing background music in your business? Then look no further with our high quality music album. This CD features high energy background tracks well suited for playing in the background of your business. This album provides pumping, high energy dance music with a BPM of 128 upwards. Think festival dance music that is perfect for Gyms, Clubs, Clothing Outlets, and all other retail outlets that require high energy dance music.The music has been created by top music producers who have had releases on Sony Music, Atlantic Records, Universal.

Small businesses in the UK with staff of up to 10 people who play background music in their business are required to pay a PPL / PRS fee of at least £600 and potentially running into thousands of fees every year.

With our background music, it is completely royalty free! You do not need to pay any PPL / PRS fees with our music collection. We even provide you with the necessary paper work so that you can verify this should your business be challenged at any time. No further music licence is required from any 3rd party, saving you hundreds of pounds.

No PRS / PPL fees to play this music in your business

Completely Royalty Free