EDM Bangers Vol 2 – Dance Music PPL PRS Licence Free ROYALTY FREE

by admin in on November 18, 2023

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EDM Bangers Vol 2 – Dance Music PPL PRS Licence Free ROYALTY FREE

by admin in on November 18, 2023

If you’re looking to energize your business environment without the burden of PPL/PRS fees, our high-quality music digital download is the perfect solution. Featuring high-energy background tracks, this album is specifically designed to uplift the ambiance of your business space. The collection offers pumping, high-energy dance music with a BPM of 128 and above, akin to the vibrant atmosphere of a music festival. This makes it an ideal choice for gyms, clubs, clothing outlets, and any retail spaces that thrive on high-energy dance music.

The tracks are crafted by top music producers with credentials from major labels like Sony Music, Atlantic Records, and Universal, ensuring professional-grade audio quality.

In the UK, small businesses employing up to 10 people and playing background music are often subject to significant PPL/PRS fees, which can exceed £600 annually.

Our service simplifies this issue by offering a comprehensive license that covers all business types and sizes for the music included in this collection, all at a fraction of the usual cost.

With our royalty-free background music, you eliminate the need to pay any PPL/PRS fees. We also provide the necessary paperwork for verification, ensuring your business is fully covered without any additional licensing requirements from third parties. This collection not only saves you money but also adds an invigorating and dynamic sound to your business environment, enhancing the overall customer experience.

No more concerns about PRS/PPL fees when playing this music in your business – just pure, high-energy tunes to keep your space lively and engaging!

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