About the Download

Anyone who sleeps with white noise is likely to tell you they can’t fall asleep without it…

Even in sleep, your hearing is still alert. This makes Babies and Adults vulnerable to loud noises. These noises can increase your heart rate, raise your blood pressure and then, wake you up..

Our professionally recorded white noise CD lasts one hour.

White noise is not unlike the instinctive ‘shush’-ing sound parents make when trying to comfort or quieten their child. White Noise has a similar calming and soothing effect on Babies that also help them sleep.

Some people feel white noise sound enrichment brings about actual physiological changes in sensitivity in the hearing parts of the brain, while others think White Noise acts as a psychological distraction or an aid to relaxation. It may be a combination of these things. What is clear is that most people with tinnitus use White Noise in some form or other and find it is beneficial to help drown out their tinnitus.